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 Photo galleries:  Selected beetle families:  
Very large photo gallery by Frank Köhler with numerous European species  
Very large gallery by Claude Schott with numerous microscope images  
High quality photos of beetles, butterflies and other insect orders by Ingrid Altmann  
Photos and profiles of numerous beetle and other insect species by Wilfried Funk  
Beautiful photos of beetles and other insect orders by Arkadiusz Stopa  
Numerous photos of beetles and many other insect orders  
Marek Swadzba's homepage with very nice photographs of insects from numerous orders

Carabidae (  
Excellent photos and distribution maps of european ground beetles by Ortwin Bleich

Cerambycidae (  
Large and excellent collection of photos of longhorn beetles from the Palaearctic by Michal Hoskovec and Martin Rejzek

Cicindelinae (  
Website on tiger beetles of the Palaearctic by Jörg Gebert

Dermestidae (  
Website on skin beetles (World) by Andreas Herrmann

Elateridae (  
Large website on click beetles of the Palaearctic by J. Mertlik and V. Dušánek

Histeridae (  
Website on clown beetles by Rüdiger Peschel

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