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Etymology of the scientific species names of the beetle fauna of Germany

The etymology module allows to "translate" many scientific species names of the beetles from the German fauna. Often, their names are derived from Latin or ancient Greek words which describe the beetle and its properties. Those interested to learn what Harpalus rufipes actually means, have found the right place on The basis of this module is the publication "Erklärung der wissenschaftlichen Käfernamen aus Reitters Fauna Germanica" by Sigmund Schenkling, published in 1917 at K.G. Lutz in Stuttgart. I have added some editorial amendments and translated the entire work into English.

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albopunctatus, a, um
(albopunctātus, a, um)
with white spots
gr. áneu, without, and gr. bíos, life – play dead
auropunctatus, a, um
(auropunctātus, a, um)
with golden dots
bipunctatus, a, um
(bipunctātus, a, um)
with two punctures
bistripunctatus, a, um
(bistripunctātus, a, um)
twice with three punctures
crebrepunctatus, a, um
(crebrepunctātus, a, um)
dense and punctātus, punctured
decempunctatus, a, um
(decempunctātus, a, um)
décem, ten, and punctātus, dotted
duplopunctatus, a, um
(duplopunctātus, a, um)
double dotted
externepunctatus, a, um
(externepunctātus, a, um)
outside dotted
fasciatopunctatus, a, um
(fasciatopunctātus, a, um)
dotted tie like
flavopunctatus, a, um
(flavopunctātus, a, um)
flávus, yellow, and punctātus, punctured
grossepunctatus, a, um
(grossepunctātus, a, um)
thick dotted
impressopunctatus, a, um
(impressopunctātus, a, um)
impréssus, impressed, and punctātus, dotted
impunctatus, a, um
(impunctātus, a, um)
not dotted
internepunctatus, a, um
(internepunctātus, a, um)
intérnus, inside, and punctātus, dotted
interpunctatus, a, um
(interpunctātus, a, um)
dotted interjacent
lateripunctatus, a, um
(lateripunctātus, a, um)
concerning the side, látus, láteris, and punctātus, dotted
marginepunctatus, a, um
(marginepunctātus, a, um)
márgo, márginis, margin, and punctātus, dotted
multipunctatus, a, um
(multipunctātus, a, um)
múltus, much, and punctātus, dotted
novemdecimpunctatus, a, um
(novemdecimpunctātus, a, um)
novémdecim, nineteen, and punctātus, dotted
oblongopunctatus, a, um
(oblongopunctātus, a, um)
oblóngus, oblong, and punctātus, dotted
obversepunctatus, a, um
(obversepunctātus, a, um)
obversely dotted
octodecimpunctatus, a, um
(octodecimpunctātus, a, um)
octōdecim, eightteen, and punctātus, dotted
octopunctatus, a, um
(octopunctātus, a, um)
ócto, eight, and punctatus, dotted
parumpunctatus, a, um
(parumpunctātus, a, um)
párum, little, and punctātus, dotted
punctatus, a, um
(punctātus, a, um)
quadripunctatus, a, um
(quadripunctātus, a, um)
quattuor, in conjunction quádri-, four, and punctātus, dotted
quatuordecimpunctatus, a, um
(quatuordecimpunctātus, a, um)
quatuordécim (better notation: quáttuor-), fourteen, and punctātus, dotted
quindecimpunctatus, a, um
(quindecimpunctātus, a, um)
quíndecim, fifteen, and punctātus, dotted
quinquepunctatus, a, um
(quinquepunctātus, a, um)
quínque, five, and punctātus, dotted
rubropunctatus, a, um
(rubropunctātus, a, um)
rúber, red, and punctātus, dotted
rugosopunctatus, a, um
(rugosopunctātus, a, um)
rugōsus, wrinkled, and punctātus, dotted
sedecimpunctatus, a, um
(sedecimpunctātus, a, um)
sēdecim, sixteen, and punctātus, dotted
semipunctatus, a, um
(semipunctātus, a, um)
sēmi, semi, and punctātus, dotted
septempunctatus, a, um
(septempunctātus, a, um)
séptem, seven, and dotted punctātus
seriepunctatus, a, um
(seriëpunctātus, a, um)
seriës, row, and punctatus, dotted
sexpunctatus, a, um
(sexpunctātus, a, um)
sex, six, and punctātus, dotted
striatopunctatus, a, um
(striatopunctātus, a, um)
striātus, striped, and punctātus, dotted
subpunctatus, a, um
(subpunctātus, a, um)
weakly dotted
subseriepunctatus, a, um
(subseriëpunctātus, a, um)
almost dotted in rows
tenuepunctatus, a, um
(tenuepunctātus, a, um)
ténuis, thin, and punctātus, dotted
tredecimpunctatus, a, um
(tredecimpunctātus, a, um)
trēdecim, thirteen, and punctātus, dotted
tripunctatus, a, um
(tripunctātus a, um)
with three points
undecimpunctatus, a, um
(undecimpunctātus, a, um)
úndecim, eleven, and punctātus, dotted
unipunctatus, a, um
(unipunctātus, a, um)
with a point
vigintiduopunctatus, a, um
(vigintiduopunctātus, a, um)
vigintidúo, twenty-two, and punctātus, dotted
vigintipunctatus, a, um
(vigintipunctātus, a, um)
vigínti, twenty, and punctātus, dotted
vigintiquattuorpunctatus, a, um
(vigintiquattuorpunctātus, a, um)
vigintiquáttuor, twenty-four, and punctātus, dotted
villosopunctatus, a, um
(villosopunctātus, a, um)
villōsus, shaggy, and punctātus, dotted
viridipunctatus, a, um
(viridipunctātus, a, um)
víridis, green, and punctātus, dotted