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Etymology of the scientific species names of the beetle fauna of Germany

The etymology module allows to "translate" many scientific species names of the beetles from the German fauna. Often, their names are derived from Latin or ancient Greek words which describe the beetle and its properties. Those interested to learn what Harpalus rufipes actually means, have found the right place on The basis of this module is the publication "Erklärung der wissenschaftlichen Käfernamen aus Reitters Fauna Germanica" by Sigmund Schenkling, published in 1917 at K.G. Lutz in Stuttgart. I have added some editorial amendments and translated the entire work into English.

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Matching terms: 14

gr. a (before vowels an), privative a, and gr. ónkos, hook, and eidēs, similar – the first longitudinal vein of the alae not forked
bipustulatus, a, um
(bipustulātus, a, um)
with two pustules
bisbipustulatus, a, um
(bisbipustulātus, a, um)
twice with two pustules
decempustulatus, a, um
(decempustulātus, a, um)
décem, ten, and pustulātus, spotted
duodecimpustulatus, a, um
(duodecimpustulātus, a, um)
with 12 pustules
impustulatus, a, um
(impustulātus, a, um)
not spotted
pustulatus, a, um
(pustulātus, a, um)
studded with pustules
quadripustulatus, a, um
(quadripustulātus, a, um)
quattuor, in conjunction quádri-, four, and pustulātus, with pustules
quatuordecimpustulatus, a, um
(quatuordecimpustulātus, a, um)
quatuordécim (better notation: quáttuor-), fourteen, and pustulātus, with pustules
renipustulatus, a, um
(renipustulātus, a, um)
rēn, rēnis, kidney, and pustulātus provided with pustules
sexpustulatus, a, um
(sexpustulātus, a, um)
sex, six, and pustulātus, provided with pustules
tripustulatus, a, um
(tripustulātus, a, um)
with three pustules
unipustulatus, a, um
(unipustulātus, a, um)
with a pustule
ustulatus, a, um
(ustulātus, a, um)
somewhat browned