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Anthicidae (antlike flower beetles)

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The antlike flower beetles (Anthi­cidae) are small beetles. Their body shape reminds the observer of ants. The speciose family (more than 3000 species in 100 genera) is distributed worldwide). In Germany 27 species have been recorded. The beetles are found in leaf litter, in hay, in reed, under bark or on the edges of ponds. Several species feed on dead blister beetles (e.g. genus Meloe) hence protecting themselves with toxic Cantharidine against predation.

World: 3000 Europe: 400 Germany: 27 collected: 13 Missing species Overview in inquiry module fraction: 48%
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   Hint Color of pronotum or elytra, total or partial, also metallic shine
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Missing species Anthicidae (antlike flower beetles) – currently missing species (14)
 Notoxus brachycerus
 Notoxus appendicinus
 Mecynotarsus serricornis
 Formicomus pedestris
 Anthicus axillaris
 Anthicus ater
 Anthicus luteicornis
 Cyclodinus constrictus
 Cordicomus instabilis
 Stricticomus tobias
 Stricticomus transversalis
 Hirticomus quadriguttatus
 Microhoria fasciata
 Endomia tenuicollis