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Cantharidae (soldier beetles)

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The soldier beetles (Cantharidae) are rather flat, straight sided and soft-bodied species. They are normally quite colorful, e.g. red and black, hence the common name of the family. There are phytophagous as well as predacious species. The latter prey on aphids, caterpillars and other soft-bodied small insects. They supplement their diet with nectar and pollen. Worldwide approx. 4500 species are known, in Germany 86 species have been recorded. The small to medium-sized beetles are usually found in forests, on meadows and in gardens. A number of species can visits flowers and blossoms. The larvae feed on small insects, snails and worms. Occasionally they can be observed during winter crawling in the snow.

World: 4500 Europe: 530 Germany: 86 collected: 35 Missing species Overview in inquiry module fraction: 41%
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   Hint Color of pronotum or elytra, total or partial, also metallic shine
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Missing species Cantharidae (soldier beetles) – currently missing species (52)
 Cantharis annularis
 Cantharis tristis
 Cantharis pulicaria
 Cantharis liburnica
 Cantharis sudetica
 Cantharis quadripunctata
 Cantharis montana
 Cantharis pallida
 Ancistronycha occipitalis
 Ancistronycha erichsonii
 Absidia prolixa
 Rhagonycha nigriceps
 Rhagonycha elongata
 Rhagonycha atra
 Rhagonycha nigripes
 Rhagonycha improvisa
 Cratosilis denticollis
 Silis nitidula
 Malthinus seriepunctatus
 Malthinus fasciatus
 Malthinus facialis
 Malthinus glabellus
 Malthinus bilineatus
 Malthinus biguttatus
 Malthodes debilis
 Malthodes flavoguttatus
 Malthodes dispar
 Malthodes caudatus
 Malthodes europaeus
 Malthodes transeuropaeus
 Malthodes fibulatus
 Malthodes misellus
 Malthodes maurus
 Malthodes fuscus
 Malthodes spretus
 Malthodes alpicola
 Malthodes guttifer
 Malthodes marginatus
 Malthodes mysticus
 Malthodes trifurcatus
 Malthodes boicus
 Malthodes hexacanthus
 Malthodes pumilus
 Malthodes montanus
 Malthodes spathifer
 Malthodes lobatus
 Malthodes subductus
 Malthodes crassicornis
 Malthodes holdhausi
 Malthodes dimidiaticollis
 Malthodes brevicollis
 Malthodes liegeli