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  Order Coleoptera      Superfamily Cantharoidea 65,466  

Drilidae (false firefly beetles)


The false firefly beetles (Drilidae) are a small family of beetles with only two species in Central Europe. Approx. 80 species are known worldwide. The larvae are carnivorous and prey on snails, which they kill with their poisonous bite. Some species are also able to penetrate the hard snail shell. The first larval instar is small and agile. In autumn the young larva molts into a less agile instar, which hibernates in the snail shell. Males and females differ considerably in their appearance (sexual dimorphism). The winged males can be found in grass and on small plants, the larviform females are only rarely found, usually in snail shells or under stones.

World: 80 Europe: 19 Germany: 2 collected: 2 fraction: 100%
4 - 6 mm
Drilus concolor ♂
4 - 8 mm
Drilus flavescens

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