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Trogidae (hide beetles)

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The hide beetles (Trogidae) are small to medium-sized beetles with approx. 300 species in three genera worldwide. From Germany seven species have been recorded. The beetles are of plump body shape and have elytra with characteristic sculptures relevant for determination. They are scavengers, being among the last to visit and feed on the dried-out remains of dead animals; both adults and larvae will eat feathers, fur, and skin. They may also be found in bird and mammal nests.

World: 300 Europe: 28 Germany: 7 collected: 4 Missing species Overview in inquiry module fraction: 57%
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   Hint Color of pronotum or elytra, total or partial, also metallic shine
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 Trox eversmannii
 Trox perrisii
 Trox cadaverinus