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Acanthocinus aedilis (L., 1758)
Acanthocinus aedilis
The 12 to 20 mm large timberman beetle Acanthocinus aedilis (family Cerambycidae) is the most common species of the genus in Germany. The antennae of the female are around two times of the body length, those of the male even around five times. The stenotopic species lives in temperate to cold-temperate climate, Europe to North Balkan, the Caucasus, Siberia, Mongolia and China. It occurs in coniferous and mixed forests from the lowlands to the mountains. The diurnal beetles can be found on recently felled logs of pine. They feed on needles, bast fiber and bark of their host trees. The larvae develop within 1-2 years under the bark of pine, occasionally fir, spruce and larch. The hatch in autumn and hibernate in their puparium. In Germany recent records are known from virtually all Federal States. The species is not endangered. (CB)

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