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Ampedus elegantulus (Schönh., 1817)
Ampedus elegantulus
Ampedus elegantulus A
Ampedus elegantulus B
Ampedus elegantulus C
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The distribution of the 8 to 10 mm large click beetle Ampedus elegantulus (family Elateridae) ranges from the Pyrenees through Southern and Central Europe to West Russia and Turkey. The species is very rare in Central Europe and is classified in the Red List of Germany as critically endangered (RL 1). The distinctive beetle exhibits a characteristic black coloration on the tips of the otherwise yellow elytra. The deadwood structures Ampedus elegantulus requires for its development have become increasingly rare in our "tidy" landscape. The larvae develop in red rotted wood of tree hollows, occasionally also in very wet, white rotted wood of willow (Salix), oak, poplar and spruce. They are predaceous and feed on other insect larvae. (KR/CB)

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