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Anchomenus dorsalis (Pont., 1763)
Anchomenus dorsalis
Anchomenus dorsalis A
Anchomenus dorsalis B
Anchomenus dorsalis C
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The 5.8 to 7.5 mm large ground beetle Anchomenus dorsalis (family Carabidae) is the more common of the two species of the genus Anchomenus in Germany and is unmistakable through its conspicuous green-yellow coloration. Anchomenus dorsalis is of westpalearctic distribution and can be found in the meridional and temperate zone from the British Isles over Central Europe to Central Asia. The eurytopic species prefers non-forest land on loamy soil close to groundwater but not wet, e.g. slopes, edges of forests, ruderal sites and agricultural land. The predaceous species feeds on aphids, caterpillars and other small insects. The adult beetles hibernate under stones and wood in loose aggregations of many specimens. In Germany, recent records of this very common species are known from all regions. (CB)

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