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Anisoplia villosa (Goeze, 1777)
Anisoplia villosa
The 10 to 11 mm large leaf chafer Anisoplia villosa (family Scarabaeidae) is one of only two representatives of the genus currently recorded in Germany, which comprises slightly above 50 species in Eurasia. It is most speciose in the southeastern Mediterranean region and in the Caucasus. The center of the distribution of Anisoplia villosa is located in southwest Europe, in Central Europe the species in limited to xerothermic slopes. It ranges from the Iberian Pensinsula over Southern and Central France, southern Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland to Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. The beetles can be found on the spikes of cereals and grasses during the blossom. The diurnal beetles hide in the ground at night. The larvae prefer sandy soil and feed on the roots of various grasses. In Germany, Anisoplia villosa is regarded as endangered (RL 2). (CB)

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