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Benibotarus taygetanus (Pic, 1905)
Benibotarus taygetanus
Benibotarus taygetanus A
Benibotarus taygetanus B
Benibotarus taygetanus C
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The 9 to 10 mm large net-winged beetle Benibotarus taygetanus is the rarest representative of the net-winged beetles (family Lycidae) in our fauna. The family comprises around 3500 species globally, mainly in the (sub-) tropical region; in Germany only seven species are known to occur. Benibotarus taygetanus can be distinguished from the more common sister species Dictyopterus aurora by the two elevated, curved ribs on the elytra and the yellow apex of the 11th member of the antenna. The stenotopic, silvicolous species occurs in Central and parts of Eastern Europe. It is usually found in forests, at forest edges and on heathland, from the planar to the montane zone. In Germany, records are only known from Bavaria, Württemberg and the Palatinate. Benibotarus taygetanus is regarded as critically endangered (RL 1). (CB)

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