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Cantharis pagana Rosh., 1847
Cantharis pagana
Cantharis pagana A
Cantharis pagana B
Cantharis pagana C
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The 6 to 8.5 mm large soldier beetle Cantharis pagana (family Cantharidae) is one of 24 representatives of the family in Germany, which are at least partly not easily determined. Its distribution range stretches from Spain over Central Europe to Romania and Greece. The montane, stenotopic species lives in the Alps and in the low mountain range. In Germany there are no records from the northern Federal States. In the mountains, it reaches the tree line and can be found at the edges of forest on trees (e.g. pine and spruce) and bushes (e.g. hawthorn). In Germany Cantharis pagana is not endangered. The coloration is pretty variable, which lead to the description as C. fibulata and C. albomarginata. The latter are today considered to be synonyms to Cantharis pagana. (CB)

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