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Chilocorus renipustulatus (Scriba, 1850)
Chilocorus renipustulatus
Together with its sister Species Chilocorus bipustulatus, the 4 to 5 mm large kidney-spot ladybird Chilocorus renipustulatus (family Coccinellidae) represents the genus Chilocorus in our fauna. Worldwide, the genus comprises more than 80 species in the Holarctic, Oriental and Afrotropical Region. Several species are of economic importance as biocontrol agents. The palearctic species Chilocorus bipustulatus is known to occur from North Africa over Europe to the Caucasus and Siberia. It lives in wet habitats on the stems of various deciduous trees (preferably alder (Alnus), ash (Fraxinus) and dogwood (Cornus)) and preys on scale insects on the bark of the trees, especially Chionaspis salicis. In Germany, recent records are known from all Federal States and the species is common. (CB)

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