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Chlorophorus varius (Müll., 1766)
Chlorophorus varius
The 8 to 14 mm large longhorn beetle Chlorophorus varius (family Cerambycidae) is one of currently four species of the genus Chlorophorus in Germany. The stenotopic, thermophilous species ranges from Southern, Central and Eastern Europe to Asia, Minor, the Caucasus, North Iran, Transcaucasia and Western Siberia. The beetles live on meadows and at the edges of forests in warm habitats. The adults can be found at warm slopes, in vineyards, on sun-exposed edges of forests and waysides on umbellifers. The larvae develop in a 2-3-year cycle in 2 to 5 cm thick dead or dry branches of various deciduous trees, among them horse chestnut, elm, maple, alder, ash and others. In Germany, recent records are known from the southwest and a few regions in the east. Chlorophorus varius is regarded as critically endangered (RL 1). (CB)

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