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Colobicus hirtus (Rossi, 1790)
Colobicus hirtus
Colobicus hirtus A
Colobicus hirtus B
Colobicus hirtus C
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The distribution of the Cylindrical Bark Beetle Colobicus hirtus (family Colydiidae) stretches from Spain to Southern Europe and Central Europe to Bulgaria and further to the east. The original northernmost boundary goes right through the middle of Germany. In Germany, the 3 to 5 mm large beetle is very rare. There are only historical records from most regions. The only recent records come from Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse. The species is considered to be a relic of primeval forests. Beetles and larvae live on deciduous trees, mainly beech, rarely on other deciduous trees. Due to the loss of so many habitats, C. hirtus is classified as critically endangered in the German Red List (RL 1). (KR)

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