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Text © K. Reißmann, T. Hörren, M. Stern, F. Bötzl and C. Benisch

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Creophilus maxillosus (L., 1758)
Creophilus maxillosus
The 15 to 25 mm large hairy rove beetle Creophilus maxillosus (family Staphylinidae) is the only representative of the genus in Germany. Worldwide 13 Creophilus species have been described. Creophilus maxillosus is almost a cosmopolite, occurring in the entire Palearctic, large parts of North and Central America and parts of South America. The ubiquitous species lives in various habitats from forest to open land. Both beetles and their larvae prey on other insects and their larvae, mainly fly maggots. Hence they are usually found on carrion, dung, fungi and other decaying plant matter. The beetle has defensive abdominal glands, used to secrete a mixture of chemicals (main component dihydroneptalactone) that act as an irritant to predators. Creophilus maxillosus is widespread in Germany and everywhere common. (CB)

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