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Text © K. Reißmann, T. Hörren, M. Stern, F. Bötzl and C. Benisch

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Crioceris duodecimpunctata (L., 1758)
Crioceris duodecimpunctata
In Germany four species of the genus Crioceris (family Chrysomelidae) are known to occur. Their vernacular name Asparagus beetle indicates host plant Asparagus officinalis, on which the species develop. When disturbed, the beetles can produce a clearly audible, chirping sound. All species exhibit colorful elytra with pretty variable markings. The 5 to 6.5 mm large species C. duodecimpunctata is the most common species in Germany, together with C. asparagi, with recent records from all regions. C. quinquepunctata and C. quatuordecimpunctata are only known to occur in the south-east and the north-east respectively. During their activity period from May to July, the beetles can be observed on Asparagus plants, also in Asparagus cultivations, where the beetle is regarded as pest. (KR/CB)

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