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Cytilus sericeus (Forst., 1771)
Cytilus sericeus
The 4.5 to 5.5 mm large pill beetle Cytilus sericeus (family Byrrhidae) is the only representative of the genus in Germany. Contrary to other species of the family, Cytilus sericeus is only partly able to hide its antenna and legs in cavities on its lower side, a protection mechanism that is also the origin of the family's vernacular name. Cytilus sericeus is of rounded oval body shape, the elytra are checkered metallic green to bronze-brown and black. The beetle can be found on wet meadows, in floodplains, in peat bogs and fens on moss and sphagnum. Both adult beetles and larvae feed on moss. The distribution of Cytilus sericeus ranges from Europe far into the east. In Germany there are recent records from all Federal States. The species is regarded as not endangered. (CB)

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