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Dictyopterus aurora (Hbst., 1784)
Dictyopterus aurora
The 7 to 13 mm large golden net-winged beetle Dictyopterus aurora (family Lycidae) is one of only seven representatives of the family in Germany, whose primary center of occurrence is in the tropical and subtropical region with more than 3500 species. Dictyopterus aurora is of holarctic distribution. The eurytopic, silvicolous and xylodetricolous species can be found in coniferous and deciduous forests up to 1500 m above sealevel. The larvae live in rotting stumps and logs of conifers and occasionally deciduous trees and prey and other insects and their larvae as well as worms and snails. The adult beetles can be found on the development substrate, on woodstacks and on umbellifers. In Germany the species has been recorded from all Federal States and is not regarded as endangered. (CB)

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