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Donacia marginata Hoppe, 1795
Donacia marginata
The 8 to 11 mm large leaf beetle Donacia marginata (family Chrysomelidae) is one of 20 partially quite similar representatives of the holarctic genus in Germany. Worldwide, more than 80 species from three subgenera have been described. Donacia marginata is known to occur from North Africa over Europe to Central Asia. The stenotopic, hygrophilous species can be found from April to June on muddy edges of ponds and lakes, rarely of flowing waters. It is monophagous and lives on branched bur-reed (Sparganium erectum). The larvae develop on the roots of the host plant under water. They get their breathing air from the host plant. The adult beetles feed on leaves and blossoms of the host. In Germany, the species is recorded from all Federal States and is not endangered. (CB)

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