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Hispa atra L., 1767
Hispa atra
The 3 to 4 mm large prickly leaf beetle Hispa atra (family Chrysomelidae) is the only representative of the genus in Germany and in Europe. Worldwide the tribe Hispini comprises more than 600 species in 20 genera in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The eurytopic, xerothermophilous Hispa atra is of palearctic distribution from Europe to Mongolia, Tibet and China. The beetles prefer dry, sparse grassland, calcareous and semi-arid grassland, heathland, dry slopes, dry meadows and lynchets as well as sandy river meadows, banks and quarries. The larvae are miners in various grasses, especially meadow-grass (Poa), crested-wheat grasses (Agropyron), oats (Avena) and catstail (Phleum). In Germany, the species is recorded from all Federal States and is not endangered. It can be easily found by using a sweep net. (CB)

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