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Mantura chrysanthemi (Koch, 1803)
Mantura chrysanthemi
The only 1.8 to 2.5 mm large flea beetle Mantura chrysanthemi (family Chrysomelidae) is one of six representatives of the genus in Germany. The main distribution range is Europe (without the southernmost regions) and Northern Asia (without China). Furthermore the species is adventive in the USA and Canada. As a stenotopic, xerophilous and halotolerant species Mantura chrysanthemi lives on heathland, steppe, dunes, dry mountain slopes and banks, and on ruderal sites. The species develops oligophagously on Sheep's Sorrel (Rumex acetosella), but also on French Sorrel (Rumex scutatus) and Common Knotgrass (Polygonum aviculare). The larva mines in the leaves. Mantura chrysanthemi is recorded from all Federal States and is not endangered. (CB)

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