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Meloe rugosus Marsh., 1802
Meloe rugosus
The distribution of the rugged oil beetle Meloe rugosus (family Meloidae) spreads from Central Europe to the Middle East and the East Palearctic region. In Germany the species does not occur in the north and there are only old records from Brandenburg and Northern Rhineland-Palatinate. M. rugosus is found on wet grassland in floodplains but also in dryer habitats. Like other Blister beetles, their larvae complete a very complex development cycle (hypermetamorphosis) as a parasite in the nests of wild bees. The main activity is from September to November, totally from August to May of the following year. The beetle hibernates. Like many other blister beetles in Germany, M. rugosus suffered huge area losses and is consequently classified as critically endangered (RL 1). (KR)

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