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Mesosa nebulosa (F., 1781)
Mesosa nebulosa
The 9 to 15 mm large White-clouded longhorn beetle Mesosa nebulosa (family Cerambycidae) is the more common of the two Mesosa species in Germany. Its coloration is a camouflage perfectly adapted to a life on bark. The beetle occurs in North Africa and Europe and is neither rare nor common. It is polyphagous and develops in a 2-3-year cycle in dead branches of various deciduous trees, e.g. common hornbeam (Carpinus), beech (Fagus), oak (Quercus), maple (Acer), elm (Ulmus) and lime (Tilia). The beetles hatch in autumn and hibernate in the puparium. The eurytopic, silvicolous beetles can be found from April to June on bushes, trees and stacks of wood in deciduous forests and at edges of forests. In Germany there are recent records from all Federal States. Nevertheless, M. nebulosa is regarded as vulnerable (RL 3). (CB)

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