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Microhoria nectarina (Panz., 1797)
Microhoria nectarina
The 3.8 to 4.5 mm large antlike flower beetle Microhoria nectarina (family Anthicidae) is one of two representatives of the genus present in Germany. With 90 representatives the genus is more speciose in Southern Europe. Formerly the species were counted into genus Anthicus. Microhoria nectarina is known to occur from the southern part of Central Europe to South Siberia and Central Asia. In Germany recent record have been reported from the Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt only. M. nectarina is regarded as critically endangered (RL 1). The halotolerant species can be found at the edges of saline lakes, on heathland, in vineyards and sunny banks. Its occurrences are localized and scattered, but often with a large number of individuals. M. nectarina lives in decaying plant matter, in the low vegetation and on flowering plants. (CB)

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