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Mordellochroa milleri Em., 1876
Mordellochroa milleri
Mordellochroa milleri A
Mordellochroa milleri B
Mordellochroa milleri C
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The 5.0 to 6.3 mm large tumbling flower beetle Mordellochroa milleri (family Mordellidae) was considered as a species of Southeastern Europe and France. In 2000, the species was reported from Bavaria for the first time in Germany. Records from Baden-Württemberg followed in 2009. It seems that Mordellochroa milleri migrates downstream along River Rhine, as there are meanwhile reports from Rhineland-Palatinate. It is one of three distinctive species of the genus Mordellochroa. With its striking yellow-red coloration with black eyes, elytra and tarsi it is one of the few species of the family, which are easily determined. The larvae develop in rotten wood of various trees, the beetles can be found on flowers feeding on pollen. (TH/KR)

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