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Myrmechixenus subterraneus (Chevr., 1835)
Myrmechixenus subterraneus
The only 1.3 to 1.6 large darkling beetle Myrmechixenus subterraneus (family Tenebrionidae) was counted among the family Colydiidae under the genus name Myrmecoxenus. It is one of only two species of the genus in Germany. Myrmechixenus subterraneus lives in the temperate zone of Central Europe and is missing both in the far north and in the Mediterranean region. The stenotopic, myrmecophilous species can be found on grassland, on the edges of forests and on clearings in the nests of ants of the genus Formica, mainly F. rufa (Southern wood ant) and F. pratensis (European red wood), where the beetles live in the upper layers of the nests, often in abundance. In Germany, Myrmechixenus subterraneus is recorded from most Federal States and is not endangered. (CB)

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