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Nebria livida (L., 1758)
Nebria livida
Nebria livida A
Nebria livida B
Nebria livida C
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The 12 to 16 mm large ground beetle Nebria livida (family Carabidae) is one of eleven representatives of the genus Nebria in Germany. It is known to occur from North, Middle and Eastern Europe to Siberia and Japan. With its conspicuous yellow pronotum, the black, yellow-margined elytra and the likewise yellow legs and antenna the species is unmistakable in our fauna. The eurytopic, hygrophilous and ripicolous species can be found at the edges of rivers and lakes as well as coasts with wet, clayey cliffs under stones and detritus. In the Upper Rhine valley also land tongues at quarry ponds reaching far into the water are colonized. In Germany, recent records for Nebria livida are known form virtually all Federal States, but the species is everywhere rare or very rare and is regarded as vulnerable (RL 3). (CB)

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