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Text © K. Reißmann, T. Hörren, M. Stern, F. Bötzl and C. Benisch

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Necrophorus vespillo (L., 1758)
Necrophorus vespillo
The Banded Sexton Beetle Necrophorus vespillo (family Silphidae) is one of at least ten species in Central Europe. The species of the genus Necrophorus are commonly referred to as "burying beetles". The Banded Sexton Beetle is present throughout Central Europe. It is mostly found on carrion, where the beetles prey on fly maggots and other insects and their larvae. Small carrion is usually buried quickly by the beetles. For non-eusocial insects, the beetles exhibit a very remarkable brood care behavior: The female protects its larvae in the crypt and feeds them actively with the decaying carrion. The beetles are usually occupied by a large number of mites, which don't harm the beetle. The mites simply use it as a vehicle to move on to the next carrion (phoresy). (KR/CB)

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