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Omophlus lepturoides (F., 1787)
Omophlus lepturoides
The 11-6 mm large comb-clawed beetle Omophlus lepturoides (family Alleculidae) is the largest of the three species known to occur in Germany. The genus Omophlus comprises 32 species in Europe. The stenotopic, thermophilous species lives in Southern Europe and southern Central Europe from Spain to Poland and Southern Russia and Asia Minor. The adults can be found on blossoms of umbellifers, hawthorn and fruit-bearing trees on warm slopes. The larvae develop in the ground feeding on decaying plant matter. They hibernate and pupate in early spring in a sealed cell and hatch in May. In Germany, Omophlus lepturoides is currently recorded only from Baden, the Palatinate and Rhineland and is regarded as endangered (RL 2). In the 19th century the species occurred in the entire southern half of Germany. (CB)

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