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Text © K. Reißmann, T. Hörren, M. Stern, F. Bötzl and C. Benisch

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Opatrum sabulosum (L., 1761)
Opatrum sabulosum
The 7 to 10 mm large darkling beetle Opatrum sabulosum (family Tenebrionidae) is the more common representative of the genus in Germany. The stenotopic, xerophilous and psammophilous species is known to occur from Central and North Europe to the Caucasus, Central Asia, Siberia and Northwest China. The beetles prefer warm and dry habitats, e.g. warm and dry slopes, vineyards, semi-arid grassland, quarries, sun-exposed banks and dunes. The beetles feed both on plant detritus and fresh plant matter. The larvae develop in the ground, feeding on plant roots, where they can become an agricultural pest. The beetles hatch in autumn, hibernate in the ground and appear already starting March of the following year. In Germany, the species recorded from all Federal States and is very common. (CB)

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