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Pachybrachis picus Weise, 1882
Pachybrachis picus
The 3 to 3.8 mm large Scriptured Leaf Beetle Pachybrachis (family Chrysomelidae) belongs to the species-rich genus Pachybrachis, which can be subdivided in the subgenera Pachybrachis s. str. and Chloropachys. The genus Pachybrachys s. str. comprises around 200 species in the Nearctic and 150 in the Palearctic, thereof 51 in Europe and 7 in Germany. Pachybrachis picus occurs in southern Central Europe, from North Spain over Central France and South Germany to Hungary and Central Italy. It prefers warm slopes, sun-exposed edges of forests and sunny river meadows. The stenotopic, thermophilous species develops on hazel (Corylus) and shrubs of the rose family (Rosaceae). In Germany, P. picus is missing in the northern half and is regarded as vulnerable (RL 3). The determination of the species is often not easy. (CB)

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