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Priobium carpini (Hbst., 1793)
Priobium carpini
The 3 to 5 mm large death watch beetle Priobium carpini (family Anobiidae) is the only representative of the genus in Germany. The genus Priobium is known from the Palearctic, the Nearctic as well as the Neotropic and Australasian region. The distribution of Priobium carpini ranges from Eastern France and North Sweden to Asia minor and to the Caucasus. The eurytopic and mostly synanthropic species lives on wood yards and in houses, occasionally also in forests. It is strictly associated with wood infested by fungi. Hence it is not a primary pest but rather an indicator, that the wood is already damaged by fungal infection. Infested wood is completely pulverized and destroyed. After two years of larval development, the adult beetles appear from May to August and are probably nocturnal. In Germany the species is widespread and not endangered. (CB)

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