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Text © K. Reißmann, T. Hörren, M. Stern, F. Bötzl and C. Benisch

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Prionus coriarius (L., 1758)
Prionus coriarius
With a body length of 18 to 45 mm the sawyer Prionus coriarius (family Cerambycidae) is among the large species of the German beetle fauna. The vernacular name of the species comes from the sawtooth-like antennae of the male. The development cycle takes three years in living, but ailing oaks, mainly in root wood or in trunk wood near the ground. During the day the beetles sit motionless in the lower parts of the trunk, often hidden by the surrounding lower vegetation. At dusk they climb up the stems and can be easily observed. Due to its crepuscular and nocturnal lifestyle the beetle is not widely known, despite its abundance (recent records are known from all regions of Germany). Prionus coriarius is not endangered and is not comprised in the Red List of Germany. (KR)

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