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Pterostichus burmeisteri Heer, 1841
Pterostichus burmeisteri
The 12 to 15 mm large ground beetle Pterostichus burmeisteri (family Carabidae) is one of around 35 representatives of the speciose genus Pterostichus in Germany. The eurytopic, hygrophilous and silvicolous species is known to occur from Central Europe to the Balkan Mountains, however is missing from Northern Europe and the British Isles. It lives in forests in the montane to subalpine zone of the mountains and their foreland. Their activity period is from April to October. The new generation hatches in autumn and hibernates. Both beetles and larvae are predacious and feed on various small invertebrates. They can be found hidden under wood and stones, locally even numerous, especially on lime, marl and clay substrates. In Germany the species is missing in the northern Federal States but is not endangered. (CB)

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