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Pycnomerus terebrans (Ol., 1790)
Pycnomerus terebrans
The distribution of the 3 to 5 mm large Colydiid beetle Pycnomerus terebrans (family Colydiidae) reaches from Southern Europe to the central part of Central Europe and Eastern Europe. There are only old reports from Poland, Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia, only old reports from the south of Austria and newer ones from East Austria. In Germany the species is missing in many areas and therefore it is classified in the Red List as critically endangered (RL 1). The xylodetriticolous beetle is found only in primeval forests ("Urwald relic species"). Both beetles and larvae live in wood detritus, with an optional association to the Brown ant Lasius brunneus. Presumably both beetles and larvae feed on fungi growing in the wooden detritus. (KR)

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