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Rhagium sycophanta (Schrk., 1781)
Rhagium sycophanta
The 17 to 30 mm large longhorn beetle Rhagium sycophanta (family Cerambycidae) is the largest of the four representatives of the genus in our fauna. Totally, the genus comprises 17 species in the Palearctic, thereof 12 in the western Palearctic. Rhagium sycophanta is known to occur from Europe to Asia minor, the Caucasus and the Altai Mountains. The stenotopic, silvicolous species lives in deciduous and mixed forests from the lowlands to the low mountain range. It develops in oak, rarely in other deciduous trees like beech, lime, birch, alder and chestnut. The beetles can be found on the host trees, often at the foot of the tree, occasionally also on umbellifers. The larvae dig broad, flat galleries under the bark into the wood of oak stumps, logs and ailing trees. The formerly common species has become rare in Germany and is regarded as vulnerable (RL 3). (CB)

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