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Rhinoncus albicinctus Gyll., 1836
Rhinoncus albicinctus
Rhinoncus albicinctus A
Rhinoncus albicinctus B
Rhinoncus albicinctus C
18 Like
The 3.1 to 3.8 mm large weevil Rhinoncus albicintus (family Curculionidae) shows a very specialized lifestyle. It develops only in the aquatic form of the longroot smartweed Persicaria amphibia. It can be found in small, stagnant waterbodies and oxbow lakes of larger rivers on the inflorescence of the host plant sticking out of the water. While the land form of the host plant is much more common, and can be found on muddy riverbanks very easily, the weevil is never present on it. The larvae bore in the stem and pupate there. In midsummer, the new generation hatches and hibernates at the water edge under plant detritus, where it can be found much easier, than on the aquatic form of the host plant, which is usually difficult to access. The species occurs from Western and Central Europe to Russia. In Germany, records are quite rare and R. albicintus is regarded as endangered (RL 2). (MS)

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