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Rhizotrogus marginipes Muls., 1842
Rhizotrogus marginipes
The 14 to 18 mm large scarab beetle Rhizotrogus marginipes (family Scarabaeidae) is one of four representatives of the genus Rhizotrogus in Germany. It belongs to the subfamily Melolonthinae and is closely related with the European cockchafers (Melolontha) and European june beetles (Amphimallon), from which it can be distinguished by the 10-membered antenna and the marginate base of the pronotum. It occurs from Southwest to the southwestern part of Central Europe and prefers dry slopes on calcareous ground. The males swarm during dusk, while the females sit in the lower vegetation. Larval development takes two years on plant roots in the ground. In Germany, there are only records from the south half and Rhizotrogus marginipes is regarded similar to other representatives of the genus as critically endangered (RL 1). (CB)

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