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Rhynchaenus alni (L., 1758)
Rhynchaenus alni
Rhynchaenus alni A
Rhynchaenus alni B
Rhynchaenus alni C
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The 2.5 to 3.5 mm large weevil Rhynchaenus alni (family Curculionidae) is one of the so called leaf mining or jumping weevils. These weevils have thickened hind legs that enable them to make - relative to their size - huge jumps, similar to the leaf beetles of the subfamily Halticinae. The distribution of Rhynchaenus alni spreads in the north from Denmark to Southern Europe and in the East to East Asia. In Germany, there are records from virtually all regions (except Mecklenburg- Western-Pomerania), but many of them are only historical. Contrary to their scientific name the species is not living on alder (Alnus sp.), but oligophagous on elm tree (Ulmus sp.), often together with the reddish Rhynchaenus rufus. In Germany, the species is regarded as vulnerable (RL 3). (KR)

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