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Scaphidium quadrimaculatum Ol., 1790
Scaphidium quadrimaculatum
The 5 to 6 mm large rove beetle Scaphidium quadrimaculatum (family Staphylinidae) is the only representatives of the genus in Germany and can be easily recognized. Worldwide the genus Scaphidium comprises over 260 species with their main distribution area being the tropics. Scaphidium quadrimaculatum occurs from southern France through northern and central Europe to the Balkans and reaches the Altai Mountains in the east. The eurytopic, mycetophilous species lives in deciduous and mixed forests, at forest edges and in gardens. The beetles can be found on wood infested with fungi, on dead trees, rotting and fungus-infected twigs on the ground, on bracket fungi and in moss and leaf litter. Probably they feed on fungal mycelium. The adults hibernate. In Germany, the species is reported from all Federal States and is very common. (CB)

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