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Scintillatrix rutilans (F., 1777)
Scintillatrix rutilans
The 9 to 15 mm large jewel beetle Scintillatrix rutilans (family Buprestidae) is one of only three representatives of the genus in Germany. Worldwide the genus comprises approx. 55 species from Europe to Eurasia and Japan. Scintillatrix rutilans is known to occur from Europe to South Russia and avoids the influence of the atlantic climate. It populates sun-exposed, old lime trees, e.g. on south-facing slopes, lime alleys and solitary trees in residential areas. The development takes 2-3 years and takes place under the bark. The adult beetles swarm in warm, sunny weather, but hide quickly when the sky is cloudy and overcast. Especially the males escape swiftly in sunshine. They appear from May to July. In Germany, recent records are only known from the southern half of the country. Scintillatrix rutilans is regarded as endangered (RL 2). (CB)

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