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Sphindus dubius (Gyll., 1808)
Sphindus dubius
Sphindus dubius A
Sphindus dubius B
Sphindus dubius C
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The only 1.8 to 2 mm large cryptic slime mold beetle Sphindus dubius (family Aspidiphoridae) is the only representative of the genus in Germany. The eurytopic, silvicolous and mycetobiont species is known to occur from North Africa over Europe (there up to the far North) to the Caucasus, more common in the lowlands and increasingly rare in the mountain range. Beetles and larvae live on slime molds (Eumycetozoa) on old rotten stumps and logs of deciduous and coniferous trees, under loose bark as well as on puffballs (Lycoperdon, Enteridium). During daytime, the beetles hide on the fungi and become active and swarm at dusk. In Germany, recent records are known from all Federal States and Sphindus dubius is not regarded as endangered, but is also not too often recorded. (CB)

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