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Tilloidea unifasciata (F., 1787)
Tilloidea unifasciata
The 5 to 8 mm large checkered beetle Tilloidea unifasciata (family Cleridae) is the only representative of the genus in Germany, which comprises five species in the Palearctic. Tilloidea unifasciata is known to occur in in Europe, Asia minor, Iran and reaches India in the east. The beetles live in sparse deciduous forests, at sun-exposed edges of forests and in vineyards. They can be found on rotting wood, infested by other insects, mainly oak, but also vine wood. Both the beetles and their larvae prey on saproxylic beetles and their larvae. In Germany the thermophilous species is missing in the northern Federal States. Their populations are often scattered, rare and are regarded as endangered (RL 2). Consequently, Tilloidea unifasciata is not recorded particularly often. (CB)

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