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Xylotrechus rusticus (L., 1758)
Xylotrechus rusticus
The 9 to 20 mm large aspen zebra beetle Xylotrechus rusticus (family Cerambycidae) is among the relatively more common five representatives of the genus in Germany. The species is of palearctic distribution and ranges from Europe over Central Asia and Siberia to Korea and Japan. The stenotopic, silvicolous and xylodetricolous species lives in deciduous forests and at the edges of forests, in the Upper Rhine valley mainly in floodplain forests. The diurnal beetles can be found from End of May to July on dying or cut deciduous trees, e.g. willow, aspen, beech, birch and poplar, where their coloration provides excellent camouflage. The larval development takes up to three years in the wood of the above mentioned trees. In Germany, the species is missing in the Northwest. It is regarded as rare and endangered (RL 2). (CB)

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