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Determination key Trichodes Herbst, 1792

by Klaas Reißmann and Christoph Benisch

1 Elytra red with two transverse, metallic blue-black bands. Elytral suture alternating blue-black and red, following the bands. The blue-black mark at the apex reaches the edges of the elytra. The anterior band variable, occasionally separated into two marks or missing. Pronotum finely and sparsely punctate, glossy. Body blue-black, shiny. 10 – 16 mm.
apiarius (Linnaeus, 1758)
Elytra red with two metallic, blue-black marks and bands. Elytral suture entirely blue-black, connecting the marks and bands. The blue-black mark at the apex of the elytra does not reach the edges, but leaves a narrow red margin. The bands can be reduced or partly separated. Pronotum densely punctate, rugose, mat. Long, shaggy, black pilosity with groups of white hairs. 10 – 15 mm.
alvearius (Fabricius, 1792)
There is a third species recorded from Germany, Trichodes ircutensis (Laxmann, 1759). This species is not an autochthonous resident, but was introduced from Siberia to Bavaria in Germany. For a short time it could build up a population, but seems to be extinct meanwhile (red list of Germany 0 – extinct or missing). Because this species was not autochthonal and even is extinct in the meantime, it is not part of the key to genus (at the moment).

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