Notable beetle records from Germany

Records, photos and text by C. Benisch, 2008–2016

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04.06.2010 (published on 08.06.2010)
Record of Enicmus testaceus in the forest 'Bienwald' near the Bienwaldmühle
Enicmus testaceus
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On June 4th, 2010 one specimen of the minute scavenger beetle Enicmus testaceus (family Latridiidae) was found in the Lauter floodplain in the Bienwald near Bienwaldmühle by using a beating tray on a rotten branch. The small species is only 1.5-2.2 mm long and is characterized by its broad oval build and the broad pronotum with flattened sides. It develops in puffballs and slime molds as well as in tree fungi on beech and willow. The stenotopic species is recorded from most Federal States, but is only found occasionally. It is regarded as endangered (RL 2).

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