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5 new fact sheets added to the section ground beetles (Carabidae) (genus Omophron and Elaphrus).
10 new fact sheets added to the section ground beetles (Carabidae) (genus Carabus, Cychrus, Leistus, Nebria, Notiophilus).
New fact sheets added to the section ground beetles (Carabidae).
Midterm, I'd like to present a fact sheet for each (well, almost each) species on this page, containing the most important information, e.g. relevant criteria for determination, distribution, habitat and larger photos as well. I've just uploaded five fact sheets for evaluation purposes (for Cicindela hybrida, Cicindela campestris, Calosoma inquisitor and for the Carabus species C. coriaceus and C. irregularis). Just click the species thumbnail in the overview of Carabidae (the thumbnail has a small orange marker in the lower left corner, if a fact sheet is available for the species). Please send any feedback to my email address.
From today, there is a new and comprehensive page on the stag beetle Lucanus cervus, one of our well-known and also largest species in Germany. Klaas Reißmann has contributed the text (thanks, Klaas!). In the section "life cycle" javascript is used and should be enabled.
Today I've made some minor improvements in the navigation and I've kicked off a new section "topics". In this section, I'd like to impart some beetle knowledge especially to the freshmen in our science. I start with the external morphology of the beetles. In order to use the animated schemata, javascript must be enabled.
At last! After hesitating for quite some while, I pulled myself together and compiled some of my beetle photos to a website. Primary target is to provide a simple and quick overview of the German beetle fauna, for freshmen as a support in their own determination efforts, for the experienced coleopterists to watch and relax. I would especially like to thank two friends: Klaas Reißmann, who guided me several years ago on my first steps in the beetle science. And Ingrid Altmann, she finally convinced me to put my work online.