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30.12.2012 has launched its Twitter account today. News, messages and all about the German beetle fauna can be found at:Furthermore, I did some programming work on the beetle ID module and added a bulletin board.
The database of the map module just increased to 32,019 records. Thanks to all contributors, especially to Uli Weber, Christoph Bausch, Heidi Röder and Reiner Büdenbender.
The database of the map module just increased to 31,566 records. As always, a cordial thank-you to all contributors!
The database of the map module just increased to 31,379 records. Thanks to all contributors!
The topic page introducing the Federal Nature Conservation Act, the Federal Regulation for the Protection of Species and the FFH-Directive has been considerably expanded in chapter 5 (FFH Directive). Thanks to Maik Hausotte!
The database of the map module just increased to 30,831 records. Thanks to all contributors! By the way: Yesterday had its 5th birthday. How quickly time flies!
The database of the map module just increased to 30,545 records. Thanks to all contributors!
The database of the map module just increased to 30,242 records. Thanks to all contributors for their continuous support of this project. All others: Join in and contribute your records!
The database of the map module just increased to 29,629 records. Thanks to all, who submitted their data in this update cycle.
Records of Chlorophorus sartor and Lasioderma redtenbacheri on July 22nd, 2012 on the Felsenberg near Schloßböckelheim (Nahe valley).
The database of the map module just increased to 29,139 records. Thanks to all contributors, who submitted their data in this update cycle.
Like every year around summer solstice, I've just uploaded the gallery update with 32 new species from 15 families. The number of species available on increases to 2,400. At the same time the database of the map module increases to 28,777 records. Thanks to Gerhard Schwab, Silke Lucke, Martin Albers, Martin Schlüpmann and Gerhard Schmitt. I wish all visitors a pleasant stay on!
The database of the map module just increased to 28,464 records. Thanks to Gerhard Schwab, Jochen Schwarz, Sebastian Heldt, Markus Brüggemann, Dennis Rupprecht, Christoph Bausch, Martin Albers, Wolfgang Esbruch, Roland Schlegel, Klaus Fassl, Volker Fäßler, Marja Biecker, Klaus Hartwig, Dieter Lode, Gerdt Gingko, Marcel Püls, Eugen Dietz, Lutz Rose, Christian Hanner, Dirk Mezger, Günther Scholz, Tina Schulz, Astrid Müller, Burkhard Deifel, Oliver Dohrow, Andreas Fleischer, Reinhard Gerken, Dietmar Isenbart, Sabine Jelinek, Maik Jürgens, Stefan Layer, Birgit Neumann, Wolfgang Patczowsky, Ines Richter, Hans-Ulrich Röske, Carola Schildt, Mathilde Schmitt and Kim Stengert.
Dear users! Our new module for the submission of beetle photos for ID has been online for almost seven weeks and the whole project has evolved very nicely: We received more than 500 ID requests and our ID team has done its utmost to answer all your inquiries. With the growing number of inquiries, it is getting increasingly difficult to find older requests. Therefore, I've implemented a search module, which I put online today. It allows you to search our inquiry database by a vast number of search criteria, like species and family name, date and text of the requests and answers, any many more. Requests matching your search criteria will be displayed in the well-known manner as thumbnail overview. Clicking a thumbnail opens the respective complete inquiry. I hope the new module helps to find submitted requests and facilitates general search in our inquiry database.
Observation of Prionychus melanarius in the forest Bienwald (Palatinate) as well as Bembidion argenteolum and Cylindera arenaria in the district of Rastatt (North Baden).
Observation of Poecilonota variolosa and Philonthus rufimanus in South Baden.

Furthermore, today I've added a rating function to the view module for answered ID requests, both for the photo(s) and the admin comments.
I've just uploaded improved versions of the modules for the submission of beetle photos for ID. From now on, up to three photos of one beetle (e.g. from different angels or with different magnification) can be uploaded per request. This makes the necessity to submit several inquiries for one animal obsolete. Please note: Do only submit 1 animal (= 1 species) per request and do not put photos of different species in one request. In the latter case, our admins will erase all pictures except for one species and answer/determine only this one.
Record of Chrysolina fuliginosa, Allandrus undulatus and Anisoplia villosa on the Felsenberg near Schloßböckelheim.
Record of Magdalis exarata, Cryptocephalus coryli and Mycetochara flavipes in the arid floodplain of Grißheim (South Baden).
Record of Lachnaia sexpunctata and Cryptocephalus schaefferi on the Heimberg near Waldböckelheim (Rhineland-Palatinate).
Record of Phytobaenus amabilis in the forest Bienwald near Scheibenhardt (Rhineland-Palatinate).
The database of the map module just increased to 28,100 records. Thanks to Yunhui Liu, Gerhard Schwab, Karl Sauerbrey, Marek Swadzba, Wolfgang Esbruch, Klaus Fassl, Thomas Klein and Nils Buchner.
Recently the number of requests for photo identification of beetles found by users has increased quite a bit. Most of them arrive by email. Therefore, I have decided to bring two new modules online: One to allow the users to submit photos for identification. The photos must be owned by the requester, they should be high-res, cropped, around 1000 x 800 pixels (max. 1 MB file size), and they should be accompanied by some information about date, place and circumstances of discovery. All submitted inquiries are checked by the ID team, the species determined if possible, and the answered inquiries released for publication on

The module for the submission of photos works with SSL, so the request is sent encrypted to Please add your name and email address for our callback (if necessary). Both your name and email will not be published on I hope that the new modules find many users and contribute to spread some beetle knowledge. And I cordially thank Thomas Forcke and Klaas Reißmann, who volunteered for the ID team.
The database of the map module just increased to 27,480 records. Thanks to Michael Stern, Gernot Medger, Gerhard Schwab, Marek Swadzba, Marcel Altenburger, Dirk Dannenberg, Jürgen Gmach, Norbert Kilian, Eva Knon, Monika Strehl and Marc Török.
Record of Meloe decorus in Oberhausen-Rheinhausen (Baden-Württemberg).
On the proposal of a user of I have implemented a new function in the map tool TK25. The module allows viewing all species recorded from the corresponding map sheet, which have been submitted to
Simply click the link "Show species recorded in ...". The list of species is opened in a new browser tab. Please press "refresh" in your browser to reload the new javascript. I hope the new function will be useful and I thank Reinhard for his proposal.
The database of the map module just increased to 26,632 records. Thanks to Lennart Wessel, Jochen Schwarz, Silke Lucke and Ursula Gönner.
Starting today, supports several microformats. Besides hCard 1.0 (all pages), the reviews on the book review page support hReview 0.4.
The database of the map module just increased to 26,197 records. Thanks to Klaas Reißmann, Ingrid Altmann, Heidi Röder, Reinhard Weidlich, Horst Schlüter, Mario Finkel, Tara Bornschein and Frank Drabow. Additionally, I added a small update with 7 new species from second half of 2011. The number of species available on increases to 2,365.
I've just fixed a bug that occurred in IE9 when displaying high-res photos. Upon opening the photo, it unintentionally faded as soon as the mouse left the picture rectangle. In Firefox, Chrome and IE8 the error did not occur. After a slight modification of the underlying javascript everything is back to normal for IE9 users. Please press refresh in your browser to reload the corrected javascript. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to Marion for reporting this bug!
The database of the map module just increased to 25,686 records. Thanks to Josef Bücker, Reinhard Weidlich, Jochen Schwarz and Roland Schlegel.
I wish all visitors of a happy and prosperous New Year 2012 and lots of fun with the beetle hobby!

New Year 2012